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Interview with Philip Ozorkiewicz

Phil Oz

over a phone call in the afternoon.

How he’s making a difference in the world: Philip works directly with adults and children on their personal growth and development.

I was put in touch with Philip by a dear friend of mine, Conor Taft. (Thanks, Conor!) Philip is someone who has known what his passion is his whole life: work with people, be outdoors and help improve the world around him. Philip currently works as the Director of Client Relations for Fulcrum Adventures.

“I love my job because I get to live out my passion: working with a variety of different people on their personal development.”

Fulcrom Adventures facilitates team building and leadership development experiences for individuals and organizations around the world. Their intentional activities ranging from equine therapy, wilderness retreats and ropes courses all foster healing, health and growth.

“Every program we host has at least one person who walks away saying ‘wow, that is going to change my life.'” Philip said. “By addressing and changing micro-level issues, macro level effects will transpire.”

Philip also has an innovative side project he co-founded four years ago, OJOS Eyewear, a sustainable eyewear company. For every pair of sunglasses purchased, ten trees are planted; 1% of the purchase goes to worldwide organizations that work to protect, preserve, and sustain healthy environments; all OJOS eyewear pouches are made via a micro-financed, grassroots campaign with indigenous women in India to create jobs; and all OJOS display/packaging material is made from reclaimed wood and recycled material.

“I wanted to be a part of a company that didn’t sacrifice quality or impact for money. It was really important to me that this company had a positive impact on the world.”

“As global citizens, we’re globally responsible.”

And if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, Philip also sits on the board of Orange County Youth Motivation Task Force which aims to reduce the high school student drop out rate through meaningful conversations about the importance of education in every day lives.

Philip is intentional about his time, his relationships and how he can be better for others.

Q: Philip, what made you this way?!

A: I was raised in a Christian household which influenced my moral and value system. I was always playing sports, volunteering and traveling as well. I’ve been to almost every single state and have been to several different countries which has most definitely shaped my outlook on life. I think all of these things just lets you see that even with the most diverse group of people, when you break down barriers, you can interact with anyone. There are basic levels of human emotions, needs and values we all share.

Q: What is some advice you would share with others who are trying to live out their passions?

A: Hmm, I think there are several:

  1. Be of service. Opportunities will pop up, resources will flow and satisfaction and self worth have always be in abundance.
  2. Journal, journal, journal. The most successful people journal and it’s how I try to start my day. It’s also a great way to look back at your processes. When I started OJOS, I kept a journal. When things went wrong, I had something I could go back to, reflect on, learn from my mistakes, and made decisions that would lead to different outcomes. Here are some journaling questions I ask myself:
    1. What are the things I want?
    2. What are the ways I can improve?
    3. How do I be a better, inspiring leader for others?
    4. What are all the ways in which I’m blessed?
  3. Cut out the distractions in your life like TV and social media–are they making you a better person? Replace them with reading and learning.

“The more we read, the more we study, the more we understand; the better we are equipped to interact with others and ourselves.”

Q: Any books you recommend?

A: “King Warrior Magician Lover” by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
“Iron John” by Robert Bly
“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl
“The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho
“Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge
“Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama
“Live in a better way” by Dalai Lama
“Tibetan Book of Living & Dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche
“Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” by Joe Vitale
“Start With Why” by Simon Sinek
John Maxwell books are great as well.

Connect with Philip on Instagram @Phil_Fulcrum or @Revozork!

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